About the PrivacyOwl Reseller Program!

PrivacyOwl always looks to partner with established professional service providers to offer PrivacyOwl as a service to your customers. There is no cost to register as a reseller, however there is a short approval process.

There are two ways that the PrivacyOwl reseller program works:

We will generate a reseller code that you may provide to your customers. This code will give your customers a 10% discount on their subscription, and also provide you with a 10% ongoing commission. If customers renew their subscription year after year, you will continue to receive your commission.

You may sign your customers up for a subscription directly, and manage their account. In this case you will receive a 20% discount on all subscriptions. If you renew a customer subscription year after year, you will continue to receive your discount. You will then bill customers directly for this service.

Once you hit BEGIN below, you will be taken to the reseller registration questionnaire. This questionnaire should take you just a few minutes to complete, and will ask you questions about your company and its services. You must complete the questionnaire in a single sitting. The information you provide will be used to determine if you qualify for the PrivacyOwl reseller program. We usually respond within 48 hours after your submit your application.

If you qualify, you will receive a registration link via email, which you can use to create a username and password. These credentials will allow you to access your reseller dashboard, and begin signing up your customers for privacy policies.

The entire process is painless, we promise.