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An important part of your policy is disclosing with whom you share customer data, and how you contact your customers.
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Information Sharing
Do you share information with any third party service providers, for any purpose?
Provide a commma-separated list of the name(s) of your third party service providers.
Do you provide a mechanism for users to opt out of providing PII?
Telephone Number
Select one or more PII opt-out mechanisms (check all that apply).
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Provide the email address for opting out of providing PII.
Provide the telephone number for opting out of providing PII.
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Users may contact us via our website
Users may contact us by phone
Check all the ways in which users can unsubscribe from company mailing lists.
Mailing Lists
Postal Mail
Check all the ways in which you contact your customers.
Post a notification on the main page of our website
Update the modification date at the bottom of the privacy policy pages
Send users an email
Check all the ways in which you notify users of a policy change.
Should we add a default user disclaimer, which states that use of the site indicates acceptance of this privacy policy?
What is the minimum age to use your website? Leave blank if there is no minimum age, although we recommend 13 as a minimum age requirement for most websites and applications.