Collection and Use

Telling us what information you collect and how it is used will help ensure your policy meets data protection requirements.
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Collection & Use
Information Sharing
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Fill out a form
Respond to a survey
Follow your company on social media
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Select the ways in which you collect information from users (check all that apply)
Provide a comma-separated list (in lowercase) of any additional user information collection mechanisms.
Mailing Address
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Payment Information
Social Security Number
Demographics (age, sex, etc.)
Select the PII you collect about users, if any (check all that apply).
Provide a comma-separated (in lowercase) list of any other PII data collected about users -- e.g., IP addresses, browser information, etc.
To improve customer service
To personalize the user experience
To improve the website
To process payments
To run promotions, contests, surveys, or other site features
For marketing with third parties
To send periodic emails
Select all the ways in which you use the information you collect.
Provide a comma-separated list of any other ways in which you use user information.
Select 'Yes' if you store cookies on the machines of your users.
PCI Compliance
Vulnerability Scanning
Select the security mechanisms you employ.
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Please select the customer support options you have in place.
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Have you published a terms of service document, outlining the rules that your customers must agree to abide by in order to use your website or application?
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