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Once you hit BEGIN below, you will be taken to the PrivacyOwl online questionnaire. This questionnaire should take you about 30 minutes to complete, and will ask you questions about your company and its services. You must complete the questionnaire in a single sitting. The information you provide will be used to customize your privacy policy. Once you complete the questionnaire, your customized privacy policy will appear on screen. You may modify your questionnaire answers as desired, and once the policy looks the way you want it, you can finalize it by clicking "Start Trial."

Once you hit START TRIAL from the policy page, you will be asked for your email address. We keep ALL your information confidential, per the terms of our own privacy policy. We will email you a unique website embed code, along with instructions for how to link your customized PrivacyOwl policy to your website. It's super easy, and you end up with a legally-valid privacy policy on your website -- the same policy that an attorney would charge you hundreds of dollars to create.

Your free trial is good for 30 calendar days. Towards the end of the thirty days you will receive an email reminding you that the free trial is almost up, with instructions on how to convert your trial into a paid subscription.

The entire process is painless, we promise.