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A privacy policy is a document that discloses the ways in which your organization collects, uses, shares, and disposes of information. It tells visitors to your website how you are gathering information, and how you will handle that information – including how the information will be stored and shared. A PrivacyOwl™ privacy policy can help protect your business against legal claims of unauthorized access or information misuse.
Any website or application should have a privacy policy, and if you use third party services for serving ads or processing payments, then you are legally required to have one. Not having an accurate privacy policy can expose your business to liability in a number of different ways, including legal complications, user complaints, as well as fines and fees. Having no policy at all can give your customers the impression that you aren’t handling their information in a protective or honest fashion, which can damage your firm’s reputation. PrivacyOwl™ helps you avoid these risks with a legally-valid and up-to-date policy for all your customer-facing products and services.
Privacy policies are specific to a given website or application. PrivacyOwl™ uses a questionnaire-driven mechanism to collect the detailed information required to generate a valid and sound privacy policy for any/all websites or applications you manage.

It's generally considered to be good practice to link to your privacy policy from within the app itself, and from the download page in the Apple App Store or Google Marketplace. Users should be given the opportunity to evaluation your data collection practices before installing the application. It is also advisable (but not required) to include a link to your privacy policy from the application’s promotional website. PrivacyOwl™ makes it easy to embed your policy in all of these locations.

It depends on your user base. As a rule of thumb, you only have to worry about the users you target. If your customers are mainly/only in the United States, you should follow US privacy law. If your customers are mainly/only in the EU, you must also consider EU privacy laws. The European "Safe Harbor" privacy regulations were recently struck down, in favor of a set of rules called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which do not come into force until 2018. Prior to these regulations being enforced, PrivacyOwl will be updated to include the appropriate compliance content.

Yes! For example, the state of California has a very advanced privacy law sector, based on the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA). This act is applicable to any individual or entity that owns a commercial web page or an online service that collects and uses personal information from an individual living in California. PrivacyOwl™ policies are CalOPPA-compliant, thus helping to protect your business from legal action.

Yes, email newsletters should contain a link to your privacy policy. You should also provide a link to your privacy policy when the user subscribes to your newsletter, in order to inform the user about your data collection/use practices. PrivacyOwl™ makes it easy to embed your policy in all your company communications.

Failure to have and adhere to a privacy policy leaves your organization open to a range of difficulties including legal complications, user complaints and fines and fees.
Yes, privacy policies created with PrivacyOwl™ have been vetted by licensed attorneys and are legally valid.
There are many different approaches to privacy policies: shorter or longer, legalese or plain English, there is no one single approach. However all policies must address the full spectrum of privacy concerns in a legally valid fashion. PrivacyOwl™ provides you with a comprehensive, straightforward, and user-friendly policy that is both legally compliant and easily understood.
Privacy policies should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis as organizational needs and requirements shift, new legal requirements are implemented, or information management practices change. PrivacyOwl™ helps ensure that your policy is always in line with these changing factors.
There's no risk to try our service! We will refund the full price of your subscription if you cancel within 30 days.
As the saying goes, you get what you pay for! PrivacyOwl™ policies are customized for your business, and based on current legal requirements. Our policy text is updated dynamically, as privacy law changes -- so you never have to worry about having a legally-compliant policy. Our questionnaire-driven process also makes it incredibly easy to update your policy as your business grows and changes, so that you always have a privacy policy in place that matches your actual business practices.
A big part of the PrivacyOwl value proposition is that WE keep your privacy policy updated, even as privacy laws change. This helps ensure that your policy is always 100% legally valid, and also allows you to make simple changes to the policy via the online questionnaire. We are not just selling you a policy, but rather, the piece of mind that your policy will always be compliant with legal statute.
Yes, PrivacyOwl provides instructions on how to embed the generated privacy policy into Wix and Squarespace. Additionally, we provide step-by-step video instructions for integrating the privacy policy on Wix or Squarespace